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Our skincare different because it is formulated to work for the whole person on a body-mind-spirit level.

Our focus is skin CARE, not beauty. The body is a magnificent temple for the immortal soul, and to care for the physical body is to honor the Divine within. True beauty is simply a reflection of cultivating inner radiance, which is attainable by anyone.

Our products are infused with Sanskrit mantras to raise the energetic vibration. Everything in the universe is made up of atoms vibrating at different rates. The faster one vibrates, the more ‘enlightened’ one becomes.

The significance of our name- Amita Saundarya & how in the world do I pronounce it?

Amita Saundarya is Sanskrit and roughly translates to mean 'immeasurable beauty.'

Sanskrit is an energy-based not meaning-based language, so the 'translation' is approximate.

'AMITA' carries the energy of immeasurable, boundless and infinite.

'SAUNDARYA' represents the energy of beauty, loveliness, generosity, gracefulness, noble conduct and elegance.

It is pronounced Ah-MEE-tah Sahn-dah-REE-ah.

We are honored to instill the unique vibration of Amita Saundarya into our products.

About Amita Saundarya aromatherapy skincare products & ingredients.

Our products are handmade in micro batches.

They are formulated to work for
all skin types and ages.

Pure essential oils, exceptional quality hydrosols, butters, vegetable and nut oils provide maximum benefit to the body.

Proprietary blends of essential oils, flower and gem essences consider emotions, mind and spirit.


noble conduct